TwoFer®​ Shelf Talkers

 A New Sustainable Label Technology for Your Clients
       Two Recyclable label face sheets back-to-back
             with NO liner means NO landfill waste






You appreciate the revenue generated by your shelf edge advertising, but…

Do you want to:

  • Reduce your Shelf Talker costs?

    • TwoFer Shelf Talkers use half the material as traditional shelf tags by removing the liner and cutting shipping costs in half
  • Promote twice as many items for the same Shelf Talker spend?

    • ​TwoFer Shelf Talkers are printed double sided to give you twice as many items for the same price
  • Are you concerned with your labor costs for applying shelf tags?

    • Since's there's no lining to remove, TwoFer Shelf Talkers can be applied to shelves twice as fast as traditional tags and don't have a mess to clean up. 


Decrease your carbon footprint and increase your bottom line!


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United States Patent US 9,613,547 B2 Dual-Faced Labelling Systems

​United States Patent US 10,217,385 B2 Dual-Faced Labelling Systems

*Temporary Adhesive is repulpable tested against TAPPI UM213