NAStar Inc. Awarded Patent for TwoFer™ Tags

NAStar Inc. Awarded Patent for Dual-Faced Labeling Systems

Middleton, WI, USA – April 20, 2017 – NAStar Inc. announced the granting of United States Patent Number 9,613,547 B2; Dual-Faced Labeling Systems, which covers a pressure sensitive label construction of two face stocks with no liner.

The patent covers a pressure sensitive two-ply laminate formed using alternate patterns of release and adhesive on the back of each face stock, allowing the adhesive to be transferred from one face side where it becomes anchored to both sides of the product that, when separated from each other by the user, provides for two individual labels or individual sets of labels. The labels can be paper, film or latex impregnated, with removable or permanent adhesives, and be conventionally or digitally printed. Individual tags are created by cutting, die cutting, perforating, scoring, sheeting, or guillotine cutting.

NAStar Inc.’s Dual-Faced Labeling Systems technology provides the opportunity to produce a pressure sensitive Shelf Tag product with alternating adhesive and release patterns that hold the labels together until the retailer is ready to apply them to shelving. The Dual Faced Tags adhered back to back peel apart easily with no liner, separating into two tags for the price of one. NAStar’s TwoFer TagsTM provide an economical and ecologically sensible product with no liner and no wasted energy, as well as reduced production time and shipping costs. TwoFer Tags can be digitally duplex printed increasing throughput as tags are printed on both sides at the same time.  The Dual Faced Labels, without the liners, occupy half the packaging space and have half the shipping weight of conventional labels.

Shelf Labeling at retailers, particularly supermarkets, is a significant portion of annual marketing spend. The TwoFer Shelf Tag satisfies a demand for an economic product that combines a reduction in labor time and compatibility with most existing laser, inkjet, and digital printing technologies.

TwoFer Tags are available in an environmentally responsible version containing a non-silicone release and repulpable adhesive. Alternately TwoFer Tags can be produced with more aggressive adhesives for a Dual Faced Label with a silicone release system for more demanding applications.

TwoFer™ Shelf Tags is a trademark of NAStar Inc.

United States Patent No. US 9,613,547 B2; Dual-Faced Labeling Systems

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