TwoFer Introduced to the Retail Marketplace

TwoFer Shelf Tag saves Money and the Environment

Middleton, WI, USA - May 27, 2016 - A unique “Two for the price of One” shelf label product has been introduced to the retail marketplace by NAStar Inc. in Middleton, WI. Cost savings for the retailer is realized with the TwoFerTM Back to Back, No Liner Shelf Edge Solution. TwoFer Shelf Tags afford the user twice the number of labels per sheet or per cartridge AND per Dollar Spent. It is environmentally friendly, as it has no liner but two Face Sheets instead. TwoFer Tags are compatible with all shelf tag formats including cut sheet or individual tags.

TwoFer Tags have alternating Adhesive and Release Patterns that hold the Labels together until the user is ready to apply them to shelves. Peel them apart and the two shelf tags adhere securely to the shelving. The patent applied for Dual Faced Labeling System adheres to virtually all surfaces: plastic, stainless steel, glass, room temperature, refrigerated or freezer and with no liner waste to dispose. When the promotion expires, the labels remove cleanly, and, with a Repulpable adhesive, can be placed with waste paper and recycled after use.

The TwoFer Shelf Tag can be provided to retail stores in all formats whether printed at individual stores, completely preprinted in planogram order, or produced at your in-house print shop/service bureau. The TwoFer Shelf Tag Solution is compatible with most laser, inkjet, and digital formats.

For more information, please contact NAStar Inc.’s Shelf Edge Solution: call 800.676.9665 or email

TwoFer™ Shelf Tags is a trademark of NAStar Inc.

United States Patent Application 15/090,081 Dual Faced Labeling